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Constance Amiot is a French singer songwriter who was born in Ivory Coast and grew up in the Washington DC area before relocating to Paris. After producing a first album « Whisperwood » in 2005, she signed a record deal with the label « Tot ou Tard/Warner » and recorded her second album in New York « Fairytale » with a first rate cast of musicians: Jeff Pevar, Sean Pelton and Francois Moutin. The release of this album in 2007 put Constance in the line of the new folk singers emerging from France. If this album goes by the name Fairytale, it refers to the point of views she takes in her songs, bringing enchantment and magic to the real world, using dreams as a trademark « I would like to borrow the footsteps of a dreamer » she writes in her song Rendez-vous de novembre. Diluting utopia to reality, once you add poetry and music to it.

In the year of 2009, after performing on many stages and touring all over Europe, she published a children’s audio book « A la bonne étoile » (Actes Sud/Tôt ou tard). Her musical journey continues in 2011 as she released her third album « Once Twice » a complete cover of Da Silva’s record « La tendresse des fous », a major figure of the French music scene. « Being a songwriter myself, it was very interesting for me to work on this project. I've always enjoyed using languages like I would use instruments, mixing both French and English in my songs. The landscape, the mood, the texture of the album already existed, I felt I was both songwriter and “songpainter”, as if I was adding new colors and shades to a painting that was already there ».

Her 4th studio album “12ème Parallèle” was released in April 2014, and recorded with producer, singer, songwriter Julien Gaulier, band member of Hey Hey My My. The cultural mixture that she expresses in her compositions offers an underlying subtle emotion leading you on a journey witch transcends borders and languages. The album made it to the top playlists of many radios. In 2017, she released and adapted on stage her 2nd children’s audio book, « Le Goéland qui fait Miaou » (released oct 2017), winner of the Best audio children’s 2019 Book  award. Since her debut album, her songs have featured on multiple radio broadcasts and compilations and she has toured her music worldwide, recording and collaborating with numerous artist. She is currently working on her upcoming album, crafted from folk, produced and arranged by Jean-Christophe Urbain (member of French pop band Les Innocents).

Albums: WhisperWood (2005), Fairytale( 2007), Once Twice (2011), 12ème Parallèle (2014) Audio children’s book: A la Bonne Etoile (2009), Le Goéland qui fait Miaou (2017) Compilations: Les filles sont Folk (EMI 2007) Acoustic France (Putumayo Word Music 2008), So Frenchy so Chic (Filter Music 2008), Acoustic Ballads (2014 Super Pitch), Chansons d’aujourd’hui (2016), Electronic Makeover (2019)

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